"Where to Start Reading...": The Complete Collection

I decided to put together a complete collection of Joshua Lapin-Bertone’s “Where to Start Reading…” articles from our old news section, since they are no longer easily accessible. This feature was incredibly invaluable, helping new and old readers alike to find great stories to read about their favorite (or soon to be favorite) characters, so it would be a shame to lose them. Hopefully, this list of articles can continue to be a helpful resource, now that they are no longer available from the main site. In alphabetical order:

“Shipper” series (in publication order):

“Horror” series (in publication order):

DC Universe Original Series tie-ins:

These are all of the articles that I could find through a Google search. Please let me know if I missed any of them, or if there are any other similar articles that you would like to see included on the list, and I will add them above.


This is awesome, thank you for doing this :slight_smile:


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Omg! Thank you so much for putting this together!! I was just looking for them xD


This is really great, thank you so much! I’m sure this will make a lot of people happy. :slight_smile:


YAY this is amazing thank you!!!


I’ve gone through and replaced all of the links in the first post with ones from Internet Archive. Luckily, all but two (both from the “Horror” series) were available.


Thank you @KookieSuperApe! :fireworks:

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Are these still up to date? A beginner here looking for a reading order for Superman. Or should i use the ones found at the pinned topic [DC Character Recommended Reading Lists] instead?

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Welcome @shadmanbaneii.85174! Those lists are great if you want to find the recommended stories for each character. If you want reading orders then you should probably google search sites like this one.