Where to Start Reading Nightwing Comics

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Every week in our News section, we post a recommendation of where to start reading a new DC character or team series. This week’s feature is devoted to Nightwing!

We start our list by recommending “The Judas Contract,” “White Gold and Truth,” and “Year Three,” but you can check out the entire article, complete with hyperlinks, in our News section, or by going to it directly, here: Where to Start Reading Nightwing Comics

What about you, though? What’s on your personal list of Nightwing must-reads?



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Thank you for the head’s up, @TurokSonOfStone1950, responded to you on your main thread in the Support section. :slight_smile:

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Personally, the Back to Bludhaven arc from Rebirth is what I consider to be the best Nightwing story. The Judas Contract is good, but overrated in my honest opinion. These issues are fairly self-contained and I think they can be read without much knowledge of Dick Grayson’s history and character.


The first seventy or so issues of his 1996 series are great.


I quite enjoyed the New 52 Nightwing series. Of course, Chuck Dixon’s run on the first Nightwing ongoing is fun too.


Chuck dixons run is good also the new 52 run by Kyle higgans is great too except for the red costume idk who made that choice but it was unnecessary

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As someone who just recently got into comics, I caught up with Rebirth’s run on Nightwing. Volumes 1-6 are very good, and are what I thought was true to Nightwing’s character. Bleeding Edge is an okay arc, but after #50 with Knight Terrors, the series falls off. But everything before is solid! Especially Volume 6, The Untouchable.

You will notice, not a single reference to “Ric.”

The 1996 series. Start with #1.

Chuck dixsons run
Rebirth Nightwing
Outsiders 2003

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