Where to start reading Doom Patrol?

I have been really enjoying the Doom Patrol tv show and I want to start reading the comics. Should I start with “Crawling from the Wreckage” by Grant Morrison?


That’s exactly where I started with Doom Patrol! Enjoy! It’s quite the trip!


Yes, start there. You won’t be disappointed.

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It depends on what kind of content you want. If you want weird shenanigans go silver age, for weird angst go Morrison era, for something in between but a little bit more meta go for the new Way stuff. Just so you know though if you want more Rita content your going to have to go for silver age or the tail end of the available Way run.

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Morrison’s run and the young animal run

Silver Age and then Morrison A bronze age omnibus is coming out in September

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Absolutely Morrison’s run. I cried at the ending. The series, happily, used Morrison as a jumping-off point, rather than just presenting the issues one after another.

I would love to see Mr. Nobody 2.0, the not exactly evil guy from the Morrison run. DANNY likes him and the Brotherhood of Dada. Now THAT might make up for not giving us the Insect Mesh.

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Morrison’s run is really good I didn’t care much for the young animal stuff but I’m not Gerard way fan

I would recommend the Silver Age so you get their back story. The Morrison stuff is amazing. They have the run from John Byrne coming out in omnibus form in February.

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Morrison. Start with Morrison. Afterwards, I’d recommend the earlier issues of the '87 series just to see what led up to the Morrison run and the latest series by Gerod Way. The silver age series is worth checking out to see the foundations of Doom Patrol, but silver age comics can be an acquired taste. The run after Morrison by Rachel Pollack gets a little too esoteric (for lack of a better term). Pollack is worth reading, but you can tell she was given the mission statement to really take the brakes off with her storytelling style and in this case, it doesn’t really work. Giffen was entertaining, but nothing special. The only thing I’d recommend staying away from entirely is the John Byrne series. It has a Fantastic Four vibe to it, and he threw out all previous continuity which was a level of hubris DC shouldn’t have allowed him to get away with. It is OK storywise I guess, but isn’t well regarded at this point and can be safely ignored