Where to start on The Flash comic series

I am wanting to read up on the flash, from the beginning all the way til today. I know little of chronological order of the flash and want to start from square one. Where do I start and how do i know which reboot to go to next? (Ie 1987 flash to post crisis to new 52 kind of way).

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You can really look it up… but I could give you an order of events (if that’s good enough).

The flash starts and life goes on, Wally becomes his side kick. (This goes on for many issues)

Than crisis on infinte earths happens, where Barry heroically and honorably dies to save the multiverse.

Than Wally takes over as the flash, for a good amount of issues.

Than Barry returns (I think in Geoff johns’s the flash rebirth)

Than Barry creates flashpoint and than fixes it. And than life goes on after that for a while.

Than, finall, DC Rebirth begins


Well, I guess you’d start with Flash Comics in 1940 (however much of it we have - the Golden Age books haven’t been digitized very thoroughly). After that, go to The Flash from 1956 or 57 or something, then 1987, 2010, 2011, and 2016. Some of them are listed as “Flash” and some are “The Flash” but they’re all on here.


Oh, and make sure to read Crisis on Infinite Earths between the '59 (got the date wrong) and '87 series, The Flash: Rebirth between the '87 and '10 series, Flashpoint between the '10 and '11 series, and DC Rebirth between the '11 and '16 series.

The Flashes are heavily tied to the various reboots, so it’s good to keep track of them. Even the original Earth-2/Earth-1 shift is explained in the pages of the '59 series.

Barry first appeared in Showcase #4 in 1956, so there were probably some of his adventures in that book before he got his own series.


I think Barry was in three issues of Showcase before graduating to his own title which picked up the numbering of the golden age Flash comics somewhere around issue 103 to 105.

The various Flashes have also turned up in a number of team books over the years.

Jay Garrick in the various Justice Society books starting with All Star Comics #3.

Barry Allen in the Justice League which started in Brave and the Bold (I’m blanking on the issue # but it is on here).

Wally West joined the Teen Titans (which also began in the Brave and the Bold) as Kid Flash and graduated to the Justice League after taking over for Barry.

Bart Allen was a part of Young Justice as Impulse then joined the Teen Titans.

There is a huge gap in the bronze age Flash issues - specifically missing the solid run of issues by Cary Bates and Irv Novick. I really hope we get these someday since this is the time when I first discovered the Flash solo stories growing up.