Where to start? Batman/The Flash- the button

So i picked up the deluxe edition of the button with batman and the flash and realized that it would be better to read some of the flashpoint comics considering ive only really seen the animated movie. But there are so many things online and when i thought i had what i needed there was like 10 more that came up and just thought i would reach out for help. Anyone willing to lend a hand. I prefer if there are collections to get those instead of looking for a bunch of individual stories but ill do what i have to do lol

At the moment i have DC Universe rebirth deluxe edition, Flashpoint by Geoff Johns-Andy Kubert-Sandra Hope(not sure how many versions/books are in this), The world of flashpoint featuring the flash, The world of flashpoint featuring batman. Do i have what i need to start or should i get a few more before reading?

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That should give you a pretty solid basis for what you need. There are a few references here and there, but that should have you ready to roll!

You could consider Flashpoint Absolute edition, DC Rebirth, then button.

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Check out DC Database wiki. They include synopsis of individual issues and story arcs. It may give you a clearer picture in terms of what’s in continuity and major events (story arcs).

Thanks guys!! That really has helped. I plan on attempting the new 52 batman and then moving up and thru rebirth. Ive heard good things about the batman metal series. Could i move on without it? Or do you guys think that its good enough to just read anyway wether its directly tied in or not?