where to pick up storyline after darkseid war?

So I’ve read all of the New 52 justice league including darkseid war, and I’m not sure what to read next to pick up the storyline after batman finds out there is three jokers?

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Darkseid war lead into the justice league rebirth and action comics if you’re looking for more Superman post that event. It was kind of the end of the run so it didn’t really lead into anything.

Justice League #'s 51 and 52 (not on DCU ATM) end the New 52 series, then things transition into the Rebirth Justice League series.

For that, you’ll want to start with the Justice League Rebirth one-shot (on DCU) then read Justice League #'s1-5 (also on DCU). The first arc of the series is called “The Extinction Machines.”


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Also, Three Jokers has only been hinted at so far. The Three Jokers mini-series begins later this year and will be written by Geoff Johns, illustrated by Jason Fabok (same team of The Darkseid War, so you know it’ll be great) and released under the Black Label imprint.


Ok thanks for the info, yea definitely looking forward to the three jokers

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You’re welcome. I hope you enjoy the Rebirth JL.