Where to find DC content outside of the app

To prevent multiple more “Where are __?” threads and for people who can’t comprehend licensing deals, Here are places you can find some content.

1960’s Batman show - The Roku Channel on Roku
Smallville - Hulu
Batman: Bad Blood - Netflix
The Dark Knight - Netflix
Batman Begins - Pluto TV
Dark Knight Rises - TNT this month
DCEU Films(Most) - HBO or Stars
Superman II - Pluto TV

Anybody else found DC stuff somewhere else?


Oh and Arrowverse, Black Lightning and Gotham are on Netflix too

Steel at least a few weeks back was on Crackle

Amazon Prime should still have the Batman and Harley movie as well as two Batman ‘66 returns animated films.

Dang, I wish I knew about Steel. I have been wanting to watch that on a non illegal website for quite some time now.

Oh damn I might check it out. I remember it being so bad it’s probably truly amaong the worst cbm films ever but still

Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay and Justice League Dark are on Hulu. Batman: The Killing Joke is on Crackle. Batman and Harley Quinn is on Prime. Justice League Action is also on Hulu.

You can find more DC content outside of the actual DC Universe app! Maybe this app should be called DC Neighborhood.

Killing Joke’s too good for Crackle.

Crackle is still around?

Man of Steel has popped up on FX/X on occassion over the last few days. Batman v Superman has been on TNT and TBS.

Once all these licensing deals are over it would be awesome if comes into here

I hope some of those contracts end this year and are able to be added on here, even if at least for a few months and not be locked down in contracts with various companies for years. I ain’t expecting WW or JL anytime soon but maybe MOS or BvS(better be ultimate cut)

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You mean the only way to watch that film? Yeah, it had better be.

You could buy the movies. But, if your response was referencing the Ultimate Cut of BvS, I prefer the theatrical version.

I’d like to see MOS here more than anything.

More than any of the other DCEU movies I mean :slight_smile:

I prefer to see the Snyder Cut of JL over any other DCEU film.

For anyone interested, Swamp Thing with Wes Craven is on Tubi. It’s a free service with the only downside being commercials about every fifteen minutes.

“You could buy the movies. But, if your response was referencing the Ultimate Cut of BvS, I prefer the theatrical version”

I was referencing the Ultimate Cut and also, why??

Not only was the theatrical version cleaner, but there were some SJW segments added in the background, at least from pictures I have seen, of the Ultimate Cut.

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I’m gonna have to strongly disagree with you on that. The Ultimate Cut was almost universally agreed to be the superior version of that film, and I will echo that sentiment wholeheartedly.