where the "F" is all the DC stuff

I need to see more of the DC shows old and new and that got for movies too…what am I paying premium for?

They’re in the WB archives.

I don’t know what you’re paying for because I don’t know your interests or preferences.

Premium as in a yearly subscription? I don’t know about that as I ain’t a fool to subscribe for a whole year to a brand new service without doing a month by month basis for a while.

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I think it’s just taking some time for them to procure it all. Conversion and rights acquisition and all. It will be a while before they can get all of the CW shows and Smallville and Lucifer and Constantine and Gotham and Krypton and all of those other shows up here. Not to mention all of those decades worth of comics they have to digitize and scan! They fast-tracked just getting this service up. So give it some time and they’ll have more up.