Where the DC Girl Party supplies at?

At the Party Store, and there are no DC girl piñatas or balloons. We could order online but not going to arrive soon enough. Clearly there is a demand for more swag featuring the girls. Give us the supply DC! Now my girl has to settle for boy themed DC party supplies. Sigh.


No girl table cloth, but Boy JL table cloth. Exponentially more supplies for boy DC than girl DC. Sad face.


Happy Birthday Bozea’s daughter!


No DC Superhero Girls party stuff, eh? That’s a surprise.

In any event, Happy Birthday to your daughter. I hope her special day is DC-tastic!


There aren’t any supplies with WW?!

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I’m also pretty shocked to hear you can’t find DCSHG party supplies! Seems like a big missed opportunity on DC’s part.


@Bozea No idea what the ETA on this is as it’s from a seller, but if you still have time, I found this on Amazon:


This table cover is sold by Amazon. There’s also links to party plates and other stuff.


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Addendum: @Bozea, I realize you said you didn’t have time to order online, but maybe the items from Amazon could come in handy for next year?

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Thanks everybody. We cobbled together a hodge-podge of DC Superhero Girl stuff (the little there was) and JL stuff to make a complete party set, but I definitely feel like this next generation of DC fans will include many girls who would love to see an equal amount of merchandise catering to them, and DC has some work to do in that arena, me thinks.

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If you haven’t already, I’d put up a thread on this in support & feedback section. That is the one area where mktg will look for issues like this.

I’m glad you were able to at least cobble things together, but, one can only imagine what a pain that was.

It goes to show that comic book companies (especially the big 2) are talking about bringing in young female readers but need to improve on other non-media mktg and products.

Of course, it’s also fair to say that the party supply store is equally as guilty at not recognizing the market as well.