Where should I Start reading Leion of Superheroes

I have read comics my whole life but for some reason have not read much of the Legion of Superheroes. I have mostly just come across them when they appeared in a crossover or event series. I would like to check them out on the DC app but have no idea where to start. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thank you.


I recommend Legion of Super-Heroes (1980) #280.


Obviously it’s all subjective, but among fans, the following eras are considered the best:
Giffen + the Bierbaums
Abnett + Lanning

The Shooter era begins with Adventure Comics #346 (July 1966). Sadly, the selection of Adventure issues is spotty, and it may be a little too Silver Age-y for you (although, Shooter’s writing was remarkably sophisticated for the time, even more-so when you consider he was only 13 or 14 years old at the time!).

The Levitz era officially began with Legion of Super-Heroes #281 (1980) and ran through Tales of the LSH #326 (it became Tales at #314) as well as Legion of Super-Heroes (1984 series) #1-63, as well as some annuals and specials. While he became full-time writer on #281, he did a previous smaller stint on Superboy and the LSH, writing various issues from #225-251 (including the Earthwar storyline, which was pretty epic in a time when not too many comics were doing multi-issue storyarcs).

Giffen wrote the next era (also known as the Five Years Later Era) with the Bierbaums, starting with Legion of Super-Heroes (1989 series) #1, running until #50 (Giffen stepped away with writing duties with #38, and the Bierbaums continued writing). They also collaborated on the Legionnaires series, from #1-18 (which I believe was mostly written by the Bierbaums). Shortly after they left the series, Zero Hour happened and the Legion was completely rebooted.

Post-Zero Hour Legion is fun, but a little too cartoon-y for my taste. It wasn’t until Legion of Super-Heroes #122 and Legionnaires #78 (both 1999) when Abnett and Lanning took over and revitalized the series. LSH and Legionnaires end at #125 and #81, respectively, and were replaced by the Legion Lost (2000, NOT the New 52 series in 2011) and Legion Worlds mini-series. They relaunched the main series as The Legion, and Abnett and Lanning wrote that from #1-33.

As for the beginner reader: if you want something that has the 80’s fun, dramatic feel of something like New Teen Titans, start on the Levitz era. If you want something modern with a lot of sci-fi elements, start on the Abnett/Lanning era (they went on to revitalize a lot of Marvel’s “cosmic” books). I wouldn’t start on the Giffen/Bierbaum Era. It’s excellent, but definitely more for the advanced Legion reader. Hope this helps!


Or join our legion club and read along with us starting this week

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When I first was getting into the Legion I read a bunch of Waid’s run (the 2005 series) which was pretty good. That transitions into Supergirl and the Legion (also by Waid) before Shooter finished it off with a decent story and some awesome early art by Francis Manapul (though its nowhere near as good as what he’s capable of producing now).

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… would love to have you all join us for the DCU Legion Club modest reading selection weekly… they won’t be mountainous. I think you might have some fun …and then of course we’re also going to continue to have the Legion Watch alongs once a month as well.

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Legion Watch-Alongs sound heavenly.

Paul levitz second run-- this one with Keith Giffen.

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Thank you for the replies. How do I join the Legion reading club?

In my opinion LSH was one of DC unsung great comics even before Paul Leavitz. Several of the original Adventure Comics stories (Death Of Ferro Lad for example) and Stuff from Superboy and the LSH are worth a read

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Great question, to join the Legion Clubhouse on DCU just to look for the thread here in Comics whenever we have an activity.

Later this morning I’m going to post our first reading activity.

In the next week or so we’re also going to do a Watch along with one of those Legion cartoons.

Darkness saga is good place to start

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Back in the day, I picked up giffen’s #38 on a whim (it says THE END on the cover). Honestly, I knew none of the characters, but the story really sucked me in.

Working forward and back, I collected as much as I could, and I was on the ground floor when Legionnaires hit and returned the original cast.

Years later, I had drifted away from comics. I picked up Legion Lost (2000) on a whim. And bam! I was sucked right back in again.

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It was wild seeing Giffin’s name in the credits at the end of Marvel Endgame.