Where’s Sandman?

Do you think we will ever get Gaiman’s Sandman on here? Or even Sandman Mystery Theater? Is there some licensing issue with Vertigo perhaps?

DC Universe, as part of their deal to get everything else, does not get the rights to stream Vertigo comics from DC Comics. However, they do have some Vertigo comics like Doom Patrol, Flex Mentallo, and Swamp Thing because they have original series based off of those shows.

That being said, I do hope this eventually changes. I would love to binge read all of Sandman and it’s spinoffs.

I am quite disappointed with no Vertigo. They were the main comics I read in the 90s, when DC was riding high and Marvel was nearly bankrupt.

Really? No HELLBLAZER? Really?

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I did think they should have made an exception for Hellblazer, and while can’t argue why it would be an exception I do wish I could read Fables and the spin-offs on here. But on the bright side with over 22,000 comics not like we will be hurting for something else to read. Do hold out hope someday down the line maybe they will be able to get Vertigo books on here though, won’t lie.

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Two Monopoly bucks says that if a Constantine revival occurs, we’ll see at least a good portion of Hellblazer on here to tie into it.

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