where is Young Justice?

I am puzzled disappointed and wondering where the new episodes of Young Justice are did I miss a notification stating that there was going to be no Young Justice this week someone please make it make sense

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I was unaware as well. Apparently they will resume in June/July. I was gutted last night when I didn’t have 3 fresh episodes to watch. :slight_smile:

Soooo… what’s the point of maintaining a sub until then? I honestly can’t think of one.

We were transparent since the original announcement that the season would be divided. Press passed this along as well. But if the news didn’t reach everyone, then we didn’t do a good enough job of communicating.

Other benefits of subscribing would be for those interested in reading any of the thousands of comic books we have available, are interested in all of the other original series, or watching out library of DC movies & TV.

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I signed up for YJ and once I found out there weren’t any new ones until the summer my gut instinct was to cancel my subscription until then.

But Applejack is right - there is quite a bit of content on here and new stuff being added seeming frequently.

Sadly I got a 1-2 punch with no YJ and the addition of Reign of Supermen since I bought it when it came out…not knowing when it would show up on here.

I’m still fairly new so is there a content release date rundown on the site so I can be better prepared?

Thanks in advance.

@superjupers, ack, that’s doubly frustrating! We’re digging deep into the service to find the best source of making sure folks know what’s coming. We post weekly articles in the News section that announce what’s coming to the service, and are working on developing a system to alert people more within the content sections of the app itself.