WHERE IS TODAY’S DC DAILY?????????!!!!!!!??????!!?

Just curious.

Spending time with their family on Christmas. :slightly_smiling_face:


Makes sense, but it would have been nice if they mentioned that in one of the latest episodes.

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My guess is the recent shows over the weekend were all pre-taped in advance and now the crew is taking the day off.


Oh yeah, the episodes definitely are pre-taped. From people wearing the same shirt in one episode and then about two episodes later, everyone is wearing the EXACT same shirts, (unless all members of DC Daily coordinated what they would wear) and when the members talk about a video, and two seconds later, a clip is ready, then that clearly indicates the show is pre-recorded.

This is outlandishly crazy. Unless I have gone to Arkham Asylum, there is no new episode for today.

Where was the warning?!? When it was Halloween and Thanksgiving, there were episodes, so why not now?

Just curious.

Lol, ha!

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Gimme my $7 back!!


The episode before Christmas Eve I heard them say they would be back in the new year, so assume it is on hiatus until then. It did throw me off when they did the Christmas Eve one but that was nothing but the Titans pannel and due to the timing they had to do that then or wait until weeks later which would have been dissapointing to people who watch the after episode pannels. So I think they are on hiatus.

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Ok re-read it… maybe I hallucinated but I thought they did say it was taking a break (or at least implied it) at the end of the last episode before Christmas Eve.

That makes sense. Just wish they were clear by stating “This is the final episode until the New Year” or something of that nature. The way they said it was almost a slip that if not paying close attention, you could miss it. I say this because no one else responded or reacted and by stating something like final episode of the year, there would be some kind of reaction.

You really thought they’d be filming ON Christmas?

Like I said, they did for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Plus, not everyone celebrates Christmas. When comics were created, most writers were Jewish, so some of the DC Daily crew could be as well.

I also mentioned that more of a mention should have occurred, but I know now that DC Daily is done until 2019.

We got an episode today that concluded the Batgirl: Year One panel :slight_smile: