Where is the weekly Countdown to Final Crisis series?

Is it maybe coming next week?

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Second this. Never read this infamous “classic”, would love to sample “52 done right”. :smiley:


Probably next week, since we got the tie-in minis this week.

Its a really weird omission since it falls right in the middle of today’s chunk of comics and all the tie ins are here (including a few like Amazons Attack and the Lightning Saga that aren’y branded as such. It also wasn’t on the list of stuff getting pulled over so who knows? I can’t imagine its that popular in trade and I don’t imagine anyone else wanting to license it as an exclusive…

Maybe if Trinity debuts next week, it’ll come with it as a double feature of weekly titles.

I haven’t read Countdown since it wrapped, but I enjoyed it. I really don’t get why people that have read it would see it as some sort of trainwreck. It wasn’t perfect, but I looked forward to it week after week.

It’s not good but not beat as bad as some make it out to be

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Countdown was a bit of a mess but it is a lot better than most people made it out to be… especially the last third of the story which tied in nicely to Kirby’s bronze age DC work.

It’s biggest issue was that, especially in the early issues, it relied heavily on other books. It was an event where all the exciting stuff happened somewhere else. Of course almost all of those issues are here which makes its absence baffling especially when Trinity (the weekly series which followed) actually was added today.

Trinity was added today?!

runs to look

Those Jim Lee Trinity are so pretty…

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