Where is the Beast Boy (2000) #1-4 ???

Its missing.

I’m not seeing it on Comixology either, so it’s likely the reason is that it hasn’t been digitalized yet. DC’s always adding older books to both services, so I would imagine it will be on here eventually.

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I didn’t know this series existed. There aren’t many modern DC titles I had no idea existed especially around Teen Titans. Weird.

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I just came to the forums to ask where this series is. I’m so disappointed I can’t find it on DC Universe Infinite because I love Gar and really wanted to read his solo series.

All digital requests should be posted to Comic Book Print to Digital Request Thread

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I’m sorry to hear that that particular series may not be available in digital view yet. :anguished: We understand how this may be disappointing to any Beast Boy (Best Boy) fans out there, so we appreciate your feedback on the matter.

Also, as @SaintBrodie heroically pointed out, we have an official thread for requesting print-to-digital comics! We take note of all requests for review and consideration. Please feel free to utilize that thread any time as we’d love to get more input from readers like you.

For now, I’ve gone ahead and noted your request(s) for the Beast Boy (2000) series so you don’t have to repost. Thanks again for your interest! Hope to see you around more often in the forums as well. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :paw_prints:

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Beast Boy has been digitized, and can be found in the book Teen Titans by Geoff Johns Book Two:


I have a thread here that serves as a directory to where digitized comics that aren’t on DCUI can be found:

But yes, I agree that Beast Boy and other series like it that have only been released in digital collections should be made available on DCUI. Until that happens, though, hoopla serves as a decent alternative.

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I am almost certain this series was in the library

The problem is the artist

He was sentenced to prison for doing
Very Bad Things

The same reason
Gerard Jones
Work on Green Lantern
Is not available here

The thing is though that other work of Justiniano is on DC Universe. Note that the Teen Titans by Geoff Johns Book Two containing Beast Boy released in 2018 and Justiniano was arrested in 2012.

My theory is that Beast Boy was never released as digialized single issues in the first place. Beast Boy most likley fell into that weird era in terms of digitization gaps of the early to mid 2000’s.

Anybody else remember the Beast Boy mini being in our library?

I have read this on line but it is not in my Comixology library

It involves Gar in Hollywood and I think the original Batgirl (Betty Kane?) is in it.

At some point he is hunted by the police.


So it was part of the old ratation back when the comics were the second priority with DC Universe to tie in with the Titans show. Yet there is no proof of it ever being avabilall on Comixology in single issues.

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See, that’s really annoying, because there’s very little presence of Green Lantern post Crisis, pre Kyle Raynor here on the app. And it’s a shame, because I’ve heard Mosaic is a great series.

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If it’s any consolation, you can find on DCUI the introductory story that leads into the Beast Boy miniseries. See Legends of the DC Universe 80-Page Giant #2.