Where is the Aquaman movie?

Was hoping that i would find that on here, one of the few comic adaptations I havent seen…that is all lol carry on

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nah its on HBO

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Hi @mobbgoblin! Due to how many variables are in play when it comes to possibly adding content to the service, I’m unsure of the likelihood of it being on the service, but will let the team know you’d be interested in seeing it added if possible. :slight_smile:


When I signed up for DC universe I understood that I’d be paying a monthly service fee to have unlimited access to all DC content. Aquaman is pure DC and his movie isn’t on here…so what am I paying for when I have to still go out and Redbox or buy it just like everyone else? And it’s been out of theatres for months now and it’s still not on here??? Jeeeeeeeeeeesh


My free 7 days is up on hbo and that app is horrible. This app is actually really well developed though yeah we are missing some DC content. Id actually consider paying for this. They should just turn it into a geek facebook type of deal. I wanna meet a nerdy bird on here :sunglasses:

I was hoping to see all DC movies as well. This service is far too expensive compared to the what the others offer and for the same price.
I’m thinking of Aquaman, the Dark Knight trilogy, Wonder Woman…it should be on here.

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I have to ask for those who thought everything was going to be on the app…did you conduct research into what was going to be on the app before launch or did you assume everything would be on it?

I ask because I think that will help inform your decisions on whether or not you’d like to continue with your subscription or not. Unfortunately, we live in an age where there are exclusive deals with various outlets—many of which are being honored today.

I say take a look at the other content on here like the comics, some of the animated movies, some of the films, series and cartoons. I think you’ll find it well worth your money.