Where is superman/batman Apocalypse

I have searched everywhere on the app for the movie where is it?

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse is currently unavailable on DC Universe. Check back at the end of each month for announcements on what’s coming to DCU.

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Thank you for jumping in, @HubCityQuestion!

I’d be happy to pass along this title as a suggestion for future content @atx7738.86767. While we can’t make any promises, we’re always happy to hear about what our community wants to see added next.


Why would not all DC content not be avaible on the App.

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Hey @atx7738.86767! Welcome to the community!

Our goal is to bring you an ever-expanding selection of great titles from the DC library and new content will be added to the service all the time. In some cases, specific videos and comics aren’t available for various reasons, including existing licensing agreements.

You can check out more about this in our FAQ on the Help Center.

We also love knowing which titles our fans are dying to watch and read. Be sure to post any other content you’d like to see in our Suggestion Box.


DC Universe is only about a year old.

Before that Warner Brothers wanted to get revenue from non current DC movies and shows and signed contracts which gave other streaming services an exclusive liscense to that show. Many of these comtracts will be in effect for a long while.

DC Comics was not always part of Warner Brothers. For example Batman 66 TV show is owned by Fox which is now part of Disney.

Exclusive rights to Batman.and Swamp Thing were given to producer Mike Uslan in.1979 and 1980.

There is a unit in.Warner Brother whose job is to maximize revenue from these films. They gave out contracts to these films which caused films that were hete to be rotated out of here. Once HBO Max comes on line in May that will no longer be allowed.

HBO Max will have exclusive access to all DC films from the last forty years. Whether HBO will share snything with this sister site is unknown at this time.

Shows like Watchmen Sandman and Green Lantern.are too expensive for DC Universe. Other streaming services have million more subscribets and charge twice as much monthly. So they have the resources


And the posts below it for further details.


You may not be able to watch it on here rn but if you have Hulu it is on there I believe