Where is Luke Fox Batwing?

Remember when they almost cared about Luke Fox? They cancelled his book, they end his relationship with Barbara Gordon out of nowhere with no explanation, he was barely relevant in Detective Comics. It’s a cool character, has he show. Up in anything I haven’t read lately? Batgirl, Birds of Prey, ANYTHING?

Here’s me not helping: He’s on here somewhere. I read a book that had him teaming up with Jim Corrigan.

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Yeah there’s a Batwing comic in here I’m working my way to it.

It’s 33 issues 2011 right next to Batwoman 2011 under browse all in comics, hope that helps.

Batman Eternal. He’s in Batman Eternal but I haven’t worked my way to the end of his story, so he might die, IDK.

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Batman Eternal is awesome. I won’t answer your question so I don’t ruin your experience. Idk if you’ve read Batman legends of the dark knight or outsiders but both are unreal. Even tho I love the outsiders more then most, I’d have to say legends was better. Simply b/c I read the 1st arc & I read the all 103 issues w/o stopping excluding when I went to sleep.