Where is Killing Joke and Suicide Squad: Hell to pay?

So does DC Universe not have R rated animation? I can’t find Killing Joke or Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay. Not even Justice League Dark is on here. WTF?!?!


It’s because of licensing, not the fact that it’s R rated.

Seems pretty convenient that none of the R rated animated movies are on here though. Just saying.

@NoahH No, some of them have been here in the past. So that’s not the problem.


I meant Noah0 not NoahH

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There’s a lot of movies missing on here. It seems like thay taking things off.
I could have sworn that some of the Titan titles were on here.

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Oh ok. I’ll go watch Batman vs TMNT then! I heard it was good! Thanks for the info.

I know Hulu has most of the ones that are missing from here. Maybe that’s why. Idk. :man_shrugging:

@Noah0 I hope you mean watch it somewhere else, because it’s not here either… Oh, Nickelodeon, why do you withhold the movie from us?


Oh damn… I just saw a thread about Batman vs TMNT so I assumed it was on here. My bad.

@Noah0 Have you seen All-Star Superman yet? If not, I highly suggest it.


They rotate movies and shows in and out of DC Universe according to licensing deals with other streaming services. There’s a helpful thread in the watchtower that has all of the titles coming in and out of DC Universe this month if you want to check it out


Thanks for the info y’all! I’m new to this membership so I just thought I’d ask some questions.

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Of course! Welcome to the app, and welcome to the community! Glad to have you around :smiley:
If you’re looking for places to start with animation, I would recommend Young Justice if you haven’t watched it yet. The latter half of Season 3 is coming out on this app in the beginning of July, and there’s a lot of discussions and such in the community about the show. Plus, it’s just a really compelling series with great characters and some awesome stories.

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Hell to pay is on Hulu still I believe

And yes watch
All-Star Superman, perhaps the best Superman story ever!

I think they’re both on Hulu at the moment.

They have Black Sails on here. That one is R rated.

I mean Tales From The Black Freighter. Sorry.

And if you want a good animated movie on here. Check out Gothem By Gaslight or Justice League vs The Fatal Five.

hell to pay for sure on hulu not sure about killing joke. justice league dark on hulu