Where is Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

Where is it? That is one of the best films.


When looking at the available tags, it looks like Flashpoint is listed as one of the movies so I think it’ll be released on Batman Day.

I think so to.

Alright, Cool.

Hasn’t been added sadly.

It was here earlier. It has been cycled out.

When’s Batman day?
I wanna see the rest of the DC Animated Universe (yes, that’s a thing), starting with The Flashpoint Paradox.

I was just looking for it! What’s the deal DC… you leave out one of the best animated movies at launch? If its gonna be like this then I’m just gonna cancel

It was on there earlier, but it disappeared. Think it’s still on Hulu, along with Justice League Dark and Teen Titans: The Judas Contract