where is he?

I’m not reading Grant Morrison Green lantern run. For various reasons So my question is Guy Gardner in the comic? If not where is he? One of the greatest Green lantern’s characters should be in a book

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“One of the greatest Green lantern’s characters” Why would you say something so brave yet so true?


The only comic he is in right now is Doomday Clock

The current Grant Morrison run mostly focuses on Hal Jordan, unlike the Robert Venditti series, which was more of a “Green Lantern” ensemble book.

The switch from Vendetti to Morison seems to have greatly hindered the progress of GL stories about anyone besides Hal. At least Snyder is showing John love, though. Kyle is on a soon to be canceled book, Jessica isn’t doing much better on Odyssey, and Guy and Simon have completely been in limbo. Never mind the non-human Lanterns.

I personally wish Venditti was still writing it

Agreed his ensemble run was so much fun.