Where is DC Daily?

Maybe I’m losing my mind but I can’t seem to find any of the shows today? Am I blind?

It’s 5 days a week but unsure of anything else.Anybody know?

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Thanks for the reply but I was specifically asking to watch already produced shows on demand. I’ve been trying to catch up since I’ve missed some and had been…but I dont see the archive anywhere on the site.

Meaning more specifically that you used to be able to find a list of all the shows so far, up until today, in the “Movies & TV” category.

Thereay be a back log on YouTube

Thanks for being so quick. So weird, I dont have ANYTHING for DC Daily showing up at all when searching…but I do see all but the first episode in the news. So that works. Hopefully they dont start pulling them, I got a weeks worth to catch up on.

@Xander if you click on “News” it has its own section or you could just search it