Where is Christopher Nolan's trilogy?

Why on earth is Nolan’s Batman trilogy not on DC Universe? It’s literally the greatest Batman live-action franchise. Doesn’t make sense to me.

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Not here because of license rights, right now Batman Begins is on VUDU and The Dark Knight is on Netflix. Not sure where The Dark Knight Rises is. Hopefully they’ll be back here someday. If you make this as a request The Mods will see what they can do to bring it on here. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The Dark Knight Rises is probably still on HBO.

@Reaganfan78, thanks for the info. But I thought the rights to the Batman image and brand belonged to DC no? I guess I’ll do some research to understand this stuff better.

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People are still asking and need to be explained the rights isssues? Holy shit

Where is it? Look around and I’ve made a thread where to find some content too.

Batman Begins was on pluto tv last time I checked. Dark Knight is on netflix and Rises was on TNT or some other channel a couple times last month or so

@mamush123, and DC is owned by WB. So they ultimately have final say.

I agree they should have it on here

Don’t they? I thought it was one of the first movies on here. Or was that only for Batman day? Did they take it off?
That said, what i really wanted to say was " In the garbage, where it belongs." sorry if that hurts anyone’s feelings lol