where has the dark knight trilogy gone?

What happened to the dark knight trilogy???


Went back to the WB archives

Wow. That is crazy. This is a seriously awful product, even for a lifelong comics fan.


Yeah they announced it in the forums… 2 days ago. and nowhere else even though they posted notice with the Michael Keaton Batman videos that it was going down. I don’t really have a problem with them taking it down in and of itself. 2 months was enough time to watch it, and next month we get all four of the Burton Batman films (I know he didn’t direct all 4 but you know what we mean) and 3 of the Filmation animated DC series. So 4 movies and 3 animated series for 2 movies that have been on for 2 months isn’t a horrible trade off. But they have got to, got to, GOT TO work on notifying people when things are going to be taken down. A notice in the forum is not enough, a lot of subs I am sure don’t even go to the forums. They don’t even have their “leaving soon” section for the comics anymore. It can’t be that hard to notify us in the descriptions for said comic/videos in a different color and bold text “leaving XXX” a month or so in advance (or 2 weeks if they are going to keep some comics up no longer then that). It just seems like a common sense and good customer service and it baffles me they keep not doing that.


What they have to do is leave the movies / series / comics forever


People fussing about this site and thinking everything should be available makes me worried about our education system in this country. This site is doing great.


Thanks for the kind words, @RobertScorpio! :slight_smile:

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