where do I start?

I just joined and I am overwhelmed by choice. I’ve never really read DC so it is all new even going back to the 1990s. Any suggestions? Where there some great runs I can read to get into the DC universe? Thanks :slight_smile:

Pick a character that seems interesting to you and read up on them

Welcome to DCU @greg.j.lyons! In addition to @AnimalPerson’s suggestion, DCU has recommendations as well. The home page of the “Comic Books” section has tons of recommendations for reading. I go there often. I even read the Superman’s first appearance in Action Comics (1938-) #1 (it was awesome).

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There is also a DCU Bookclub. We are currently reading 13 BATMAN: LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT Issues 201-203. The spoiler discussion lasts through the weekend.

Here’s the link to the discussion thread: https://www.dcuniverse.com/community/boards/comics/dcu-book-club-week-13-batm

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First off, welcome my friend. Secondly, I know, it’s so awesome having all this content in one spot to gorge on. There’s a lot of threads with suggestions too. I’ll give some of my favorites hoping there all still on here.
Catwoman when in Rome
Selina’s big score
JSA power trip which leads right into Power Girls solo comics.
Poison Ivy circle of life & death.
New Gods ‘71.
Forever People.
JSA All Stars
Aquaman ‘94
Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E. (Bonus it will get u ready for the new show).
Huntress year one
Batgirl year one
Batman & the Outsiders
Batman Eternal
Penguin Pain & Prejudice
Flash the fastest man alive
Vixen year of the Lion

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Vixen Return of the Lion sorry I did em off top of my head should’ve checked 1st

Welcome aboard. Batman Kegends if the Sark Knight has some great stories. I’d recommend giving that series a try.

Do what I did man, close your eyes, tap the screen, and read the first thing you pick.

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Binge legends of the dark knight. We got 100 issues here. Lots of classic good old Batman tales.