Where did Animal Man go?

Where did Grant Morrison’s run of Animal Man go? Is it gone for good? :frowning:

Unfortunately, it is part of the vertigo imprint and DCU will not be carrying any of those titles unless they connect to a series that has been announced (i.e. Swamp Thing). Maybe one day in the future they will be here, but more than likely not. There are still 20,000+ other comics though to read here. If you can’t think of other similar titles that you may enjoy I am sure if you post over in the comic section for suggestions going off that series others can navigate you to similar series to read and enjoy. Hope you find some awesome books to read otherwise!


We so need an edit post feature lol :joy: I think I thought I was over in support and feedback. This is obviously posted in the comic section. This is why I should peruse the forums before bed.

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Ha! No worries at all. I’m sure I can find something else,to read that is never a problem on this awesome platform… It just confused me that, in the wake of adding so many new books recently, I was surprised to see something like “Animal Man” (which I consider to be an iconic run by Mr. Grant Morrison) removed.


I recommend Seven Soldiers, if you haven’t read it already.


I have, and I loved it.

From what I understood Animal Man was removed because the pre-Vertigo issues originally slipped through the craps when the did the big comics dump for the pre-Crisis modern comics. But DC considered all the Animal Man run a Vertigo title even if it wasn’t listed as one originally. So they had to take it off. To their credit they did give a two weeks warning before taking it back down, clearly you missed it which is understandable but if it was added by accident I gave them credit for not just yanking it without warning.

I could see the Vertigo comics all or mostly coming here eventually. Keep in mind when we started barely over six months ago it was 2,500 comics most of them just the first 1 or 3 issues of a recent or popular title and a bunch of less popular stuff thrown in, many of it still not a complete run. They have come a LONG way in a short time, so could see some of the imprints not included being the next step maybe not right away but I don’t think being cautiously optimistic that they could be somewhere down the line is completely hopeless.