Where can I find Batman Damned #1?

How do I get a physical copy of Batman Damned #1?

I took a few minutes to see if any of my regular online dealers had copies left. None did. I ordered mine well in advance, but it seems they are sold out most places. You might try aftermarket, but they are asking an awful lot for them. Supply and demand, I guess.

Maybe someone else here has a source that still has copies for sale …

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You can find a comic book shop in your location by going to https://www.comicshoplocator.com.

If there’s none nearby, you can try checking on Amazon Marketplace or eBay for it. Just note, since the print run has that controversial “bat pole” and their recent announcement that they’re not going to do any second runs, you might have to pay a pretty penny for it.

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Good luck. I have 2 copies: a jim lee variant and a regular but the one came with a torn page and i have had no luck finding one to replace it at retail price. $60 on ebay. I would wait for the trade because the mystery story seems like it is pretty worth the wait so far.


You spend $80