Where are the Silver Age Superman stories?!

I was looking through the back issues of Batman and noticed quite a lot of his silver age comics on on this service. However, the same can’t be said for Superman. I’ve also noticed that DC doesn’t really reprint silver age Superman collections. Is there a reason they don’t make this stuff available either here or in print?


There are print collections of Silver Age Superman material but most, if not all, of them are out of print at the moment.

What’s in the Comics section here is 100% dependent on what DC Comics (a seperate entity from the DC Universe service) has digitized.

If the Silver Age offerings from the Superman title are lacking for you right now, there are quite a few SA issues of Action Comics available here.


When i was a kid in the early 60s i loved the 80 page giants for Batman Superman and Secret Origins (first appearance of Green Lantern Flash. Martian Manhunter Challengers of the Unknown etc )

I still remember in one giant

Lori Lemaris Mermaid while Clark was in colege

A Back to Krypton where Kal el meets his parents and falls in love with a movie actress.

Might have been a story about Krypto too.


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