Where are the Shazam comics from the 1970's on DCU?

DCU wants to be complete, and I want to read, but is there a reason Shazam from the '70’s is missing? It’s my childhood man. . . my childhood.

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Personally I would also like to read the golden age Shazam comics

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Shazam from the 70’s and the golden age Captain Marvel for that matter are not on the digital library. DCU has the full digital library (minus vertigo, some other imprints and a few other exceptions) but they can only add what is on the digital library. For whatever reason those are not on the digital library hence they are not on here.

As for why they are not archived and in the digital library that I have wondered too. I kind of get why the golden age stories might not. Most even if not actually in the pblic domain have been all over public domain archives for years and years now, so it is debatable comixology or anyone else would have sold many. Since it would be a limited audience who has had an easy and (more or less) legal way to see them for free. Also, I know that due to trademarks they apparently can’t even put Captain Marvel’s name on the cover. Don’t know how that translates to selling digital copies of the original, but might be a problem (someone who knows more about trademark laws can feel free to correct me).

But I would think the 70’s version would have had at least some issues put up around the time the movie came out if nothing else. So a bit surprised that NOTHING from the 70’s run is archived. It did have Captain Marvel’s name on a lot of the early Shazam! comics covers if not the title, but they edit out the price from the cover and in some cases the mention of the backup stories so would think they could easily fix that on the Shazam! books.

DC is putting out a hardcover collection of the first 18 issues from the ‘70s series in June. So those must be digitized. Maybe they’ll show up here around the time the movie is released on Blu-Ray?