Where are the DC movies? And why don't we have first dibs on the new releases?

So where is Aquaman, Batman vs Superman, Man of Steel, Wonderwoman? I thought we’d have free reign over all DC content. The site is dope, but I thought this was DC UNIVERSE, not DC Galaxy. Maybe I’m greedy, or maybe all your content should be here. Anybody else feel me? Or am I alone on this one?


They will all be relased tgether part f special package that DC wants you to buy this holiday
its gonna be another 5 years before man of steel will be on this site

I think something that a lot of people need to understand is 1) Those movies are on other platforms due to prior licensing agreements made before this service was created and 2)At no point was this service advertised to have those movies.


I own all the movies I don’t really care. Maybe they need the revenue from people buying them vs putting them here?

I agree they need to put these movies and tv shows on here

The simple answer is licensing issues. All of the movies you mentioned were licensed to other services before this service existed. Also if I’m not mistaken the recent DC movies will be showing up on the WB streaming service.

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Bottom line is money, if AT&T can get more money elsewhere that’s where it will go first. Obviously if they are trying to grow HBO MAX, so they will go there as well. Eventually the price will drop to where they will make their way here.

I agree that they should be here. I understand the licensing issue, but new movies should be slated for here. Kind of like what Disney will do with their new service when it comes out. I will still buy the movies on disc and get the digital copy when they release, but it would be nice to have everything available in one place rather than switching apps.

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Let’s be honest, those first run movies are too valuable/expensive to come here until after they do their time on paid cable, pay per view, and AT&T’s new streaming service. The service doesn’t have the resources to bring them here at it’s current price point.

I agree that all the movies & shows should be on here. They should do something similar to what they’re doing with the comics. Include everything except the new movies/shows (they’d probably need to go further back than one year, maybe 2 or 3, but that is ok in my opinion). I acknowledge that it wasn’t promised at the beginning and that there’s licensing deals. However, WB/DC should have the legal and financial resources to be able to work it out. My hope is that, at the very least as these deals expire, they start moving stuff over to here, slowly but surely. And I don’t even care if it’s DCU exclusive. It’s perfectly fine for a classic like Superman The Movie to coexist here and elsewhere, but for it to be rotated out of a DC streaming service periodically doesn’t make sense to me. Not to mention the glaring omissions like Smallville. A show about Superman is exclusive to a Disney owned streaming service (Hulu)? C’mon!

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I’m sure one day they’ll have them on here. For now I’m happy with the content we’re getting on this service both old and new.

Oh I like the service @superby1, very much actually. Nothing wrong with a little constructive criticism though :blush:

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I own all movies since Man of Steel as streaming.

It is not only prior licensing.

We can’t outbid the major sites to get these movies. The bid is for Exclusive right for a specified time period, as least six months and maybe years.

DC Universe has to decide what to get based on

Revenues from Monthly and Yearly Subscriptions

What extra money AT&T and Warner Brother give them because most first year services don’t break even.

Original content is paid for by


Internation Sales (Swamp Thing didnt get any Titans and Doom Patrol did)

AT%T and Warner Brothers covering loses, like Swamp Thing

Movie Animation paid for by


Other Streaming Services

DVD sales

International Sales

Liscening of existing titles to other sites exclusively to those site for limited period of time

As for TV series, live action and animated, there must be an agreement between DCU and upper management that these titles are available to DCU on a non exclusive basis.
Nothing has left.

Comics are not free. DCU has some kind of payment to DC Comics. Part of money is reprint fees to creators. In Comixology, older comics cost less than newer comics often one or two dollars for purchase.

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All good points :slight_smile: I’m ok with the newer stuff not coming to DCU for a while. Makes sense to me. Some people will “wait until it’s on DCU” and some will spring to the other services and check out what else they got.

However…while I understand all the talk about licensing, sales, profits…all that jazz…the business/legal side of things is for WB/DC to worry about, not me as a consumer. My concerns are the product and the price.

The price I think is very good for the content that is provided. As far as the product, I enjoy it very much…and since DCU have shown over the past year that they do listen to their customers…I’ll continue to make suggestions on how it can improve. Expand the video archives, please :blush:

We don’t have first dibs because we weren’t in the room when dibs were called. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Dibs are called WAY early when it comes to movies - even before said films are released in most cases.