Where are the comics?

I’m not sure what this service is supposed to be, I guess.

It’s got an extremely limited collection of titles, and often only a couple of issues. Identity Crisis was on here, then cut back to only one issue before I could read it.

Is this going to be a rotating collection, chosen at random, with only a few issues of each title? If so, I’m out. Not interested in that, at all.

As for Titans, it seems great. Now just release it all. Members that sign up in a couple of months will be able to binge watch it. Why can’t current customers?

Service needs serious work, IMO


It’s supposed to be a movie and tv streaming service with some comics added in as a bonus. If you only came for comics you may as well move on.

I’m sure DC wants to keep you here with one episode at a time , instead of binge watching and leaving. It’s about money.

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@foodini The pitch line in the marketing campaign for DC Universe from day one was Watch, Read, Shop. Comics were a core part of this service from the beginning. It very well may be debatable if this service should have the same comic catalog as MU, but it is entirely rational for someone to sign up just for the comics. I think everyone would agree that the comic selection/rotation isn’t what it should be, and it’s important we as customers voice our opinions.


Comics are as much a part of the service as the videos, community, encyclopedia and shop. They are not a bonus. Just stop with that.

Many areas of the service still need work. The encyclopedia is spotty, the message board functionality is very limited, there are many more videos which could be added. I don’t even read the comics on here anymore because it’s such a mess. But I still subscribe in hopes that it’ll improve. Plus there are still a bunch of shows I want to binge.



Pretty much. It’s still in the infancy stage. It’s been a month and people are asking for too much. We didn’t even pay that much for the monthly/yearly subscription. For what’s it worth with all the contents, the price we paid were fairly decent. Give it time.


There already been a lot added since the start up. Yes I’d like to see the entire DC comic catalogue added and more videos but we just have to be patient…even Netflix had to start somewhere!

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Thanks for the kind words, guys. We are in infancy but with the support of the Universe we will grow.

We currently have over 2500 comics here to be read and downloaded and we will rotate the selection as much as we can so there should always be something new for every Universe member to read at all times.


No offense intended @Harley’s Puddin, but having something to read is a very, very low bar to reach. We don’t deserve just something to read, but a reasonably robust selection to choose from - amd most importantly, complete arcs and/or series. Giving us the first 3 comics of a 10 issue arc is unacceptable and ghere is only one reason that DC would consciously do this. Sell the rest of the arc to those who got interested.

So, we are actually paying to be in a true, bona fide sales portal. If that isn’t true, and I hope it is just perception, then DC needs to be better curators of the comic library. At this point it really is a disgrace and not really curated at all.


@Harleys Puddin seems to be a bit out of touch with the community. I don’t know if you read any of these comments but one of the major problems a lot of people have with the service is that rotation you seem to be so proud of. Comics are removed from the service before people have a chance to read them. The new rotation of TNTT has 15 issues that need to be read in 14 days and that’s only for the people who haven’t given up completely because they have a life to live and can’t conform to the forced fed speed read program DCU has installed.


So, if we want to eventually read an entire run of a series, we will have to do it out of order and whenever they happen to show up? Doesn’t seem worth it.


Seems most people don’t like the way the comics are offered.

As for Titans, releasing it weekly in the age of binge watching makes no sense.

In 10 weeks, all the episodes will be available, I assume, and customers signing up at that time will have immediate access to them.

Why make current subscribers wait?

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Netflix are the only guys that drop a season all at once. If dc did that here it would just give whiners like you more incentive to whine after they watch the new show about being bored etc


Knightnorth sweet you are back to spread cheer even though you cancelled

Foodini, just because you either don’t care about the comics or don’t feel like we deserve them as anything more than an insane “bonus feature” (which makes no sense), it doesn’t really make either true. This selection is terrible and their insistence on rotating comics out is worse.


Bottom line - the comic selection is terrible and the rotation approach is very frustrating to readers.


Foodini thinks dropping all the Titans episodes at once would cause whining… brilliant.

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Personally I think the traditional tv show week to week release style works well. It prevents burnout. I prefer having a week to cool down, but I appreciate that it’s not really for everyone anyone. At least there’s the comfort of knowing that it won’t be taken down.

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Besides you have to remember that they’re not done making any of the other shows and they realistically won’t be ready for awhile. I dunno, I’m kind of okay with dragging out Titans to postpone the content drought that’s gonna follow until doom patrol comes out.


Majority prefers all episodes to be available. DCU should listen.

Minority reasons for weekly episodes?

1). “You’ll whine.”

2). “Need a cool down after episodes.” (WTF???)