Where are Detective Comics #29 and #31?

Anyone know why these aren’t available?

They’re there (or at least the Batman stories are) but they are combined with the issue before (28 and 30) to provide something closer to a modern comic in page count.


Ah. That’s confusing, but alright then. Thanks

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Yeah, that really threw me for a loop. Especially since it seems like it would be more logical to just have the entire issue (including all the non-Batman stories) rather than welding two Batman stories together. And in both instances, the second merged issue is the beginning of a two-part story. They could at least put the full story together.

Oh well. At least they do have the full issues starting a little later in the 30s.

To elaborate on what @TheDemonEtrigan said,
The digital copies were made for selling on Comixology.
Since the lowest price they can assign is 99-cents, they combine Golden Age issues if they can’t do the whole issues for some reason.


Thank you all for helping with your answers!

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Yep! And for the record, I wasn’t blaming DCU. I know you guys just have to work with what’s already digitized.


The interesting thing to me is how inconsistently they do this. To my knowledged these four issues are the only ones doubled up.