Whenever the Arrowverse is added, I hope this happens

So we all know that WB and Netflix has a deal where all the CW shows appear on Netflix as soon as the season is over. Not sure when that deal expires, if they renew and move the shows to the WB streaming service or what? But hopefully the DC shows all end up here eventually, whenever that might be. If and when that happens, I really hope the wizards at the DCU can create a timeline view for the Arrowverse, meaning you can watch all the shows as they were shown, so that all the easter eggs and crossovers will play as they should.

I’ve been watching these series on Netflix myself, but I’m following a timeline order from here: https://www.alltimelines.com/dc-comics-multiverse-chronology/dc-comics-live-action-television/?media__type[0]=117&sort=chronologicalorder&per_page=50

This places all the episodes of the Arrowverse (Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, even Constantine) in chronological order and allows you to watch all the episodes in their natural order. It’s missing a few things like the CW Seed animated shows (Vixen, The Ray) and Black Lightning, so if there’s a better chronological timeline, I’d be happy to know.

But hopefully, once the CW DC shows are on here, this could be a way to watch them, not just each individual series. Because they are so interconnected.


Isn’t arrowverse like 190+ hours starting with Arrow? There are lots of fillers which turned off tons of people including myself. Around 11-14 episodes is the sweet spot for a great season. I don’t think Game of Thrones went over 10 episodes per season and it’s the biggest show right now.

I hope they come here, but it’s been sounding like the plan is for them to go to the upcoming WB streaming service.

The shows could be combined into one show/folder/thumbnail called “The Arrowverse” and then allow filtering options if people want to watch only certain shows.


I heard the deal for the Arrowverse on Netflix was expiring in the Spring. Speculation was WB would pull it from Netflix for their own service or here. But at the time Warner’s streaming service was thought to be launching in the Spring and that clearly isn’t happening. Given that I can’t see Warner just letting the property go unusued when it is such a cash cow maybe they already renewed the deal with Netflix.

If not then I don’t know where it would end up. I don’t think there has been any kind of official work or reliable rumor it is going to Warner’s streaming service if Netflix deal is up. And not impossible it could end up here, not entirely impossible it could end up on both. But if Warner really wants to be a competitor with Disney+ or even Netflix then it would seems like putting it on their service if it is not tied up anywhere by then would be the logical move. Given it does so well on Netflix.

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Oh I found an even better viewing order, with everything: https://flash-arrow-order.herokuapp.com/

@Dantheman, I think the best thing they could do would be to offer this site as a stand alone product , but also include it as part of the WB streaming service. This approach would allow DC to put all of the Arrowverse on the DCU and still have it on their new service. A Win Win

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Add the fun!!!

And speaking of Netflix, the Arrowverse’s newest seasons are all ending or have already ended this week, so they’ll be hitting Netflix next week.

So, the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover will be in five parts across Arrow, The Flash, Legends, Supergirl, and Batwoman:


No word on Black Lightning, but the characters may still be involved. I’m hopping.