When Will Young Justice Season 4 Be Out?

Ok since Doom Patrol is already having its season finale coming so soon ( Still need to watch this show) and Stargirl only has a couple episodes left ( surprised how much I like it). What is going on with Young Justice has there been any news? I have seen a lot of Titans stuff and I can’t wait but just really wondering what about YJ aka Young Justice season 4!


DCUniverse has been very quiet about this. It’s one of the few shows I like on the channel, and I would be bummed if season 4 is never released.


I think it`s pretty clear that s4 is deffinetly gonna be released at some point :slight_smile: the crew is still working on it. animation just takes long to create

but the next question would be if s4 is gonna be on dcu or HBOmax…


I don’t buy that. Seasons 1 and 2 came out in fairly quick succession. It’s been a year since season 3 concluded and there is still nothing and now we’re being told to wait maybe another year? Come on!

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Seasons 1 and 2 took a while to come out; especially with Cartoon Network’s erratic scheduling. Season 3 took a while itself.

I can understand your frustrations but realistically yes, animation takes time even with modern technology. It still takes a studio of people months to animate a single season. Not to mention they have to send animatics to the showrunners to see if there are any changes to be made.

In terms of voice work, yes people can record things at their home but I doubt the entire cast has studio-quality microphones and sound proofing in their homes, much less voice directors to spend time going over numerous takes of how to do a line.

This pandemic slowed a lot of things down. A lot of studios and productions were halted because of it. You have to be patient and most importantly, realistic. They’re not purposefully withholding the season from you nor are they at home delaying it on purpose. We will get a season four.


Hopefully before the end of 2021.

Don’t think I can survive if the pandemic affect on production means no YJ Season 4 until 2022!


But they can come into the studio one at a time to record their lines. In many cases that’s how it’s done anyway.

I never said that they’re withholding the season, but I do wonder if they will ever get season 4 done. That said, if and when season 4 is released, I will happily watch it.

This is assuming that studio is open. But I will agree with you on this, when season 4 comes out, I think it’s gonna be something pretty special. This season is supposed to focus on the original members of the team. Now that we have that focus, I can easily see the stories being stronger for it.

For recording the voices, Young Justice is special because they record together with a voice director which I think makes it better. @TheForceIsStrongWithThisOne ForceIsStrongWithThisOne

Check out the Whelmed podcast for more info I never knew about how it’s produced.

I’m hoping this weekend we get some solid information on season 4!

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I’m sure that makes it better, but I don’t see why not being to do it that way would be a show stopper.

Anyway, all we can do now is wait … and wait.

I don’t think is coming out. There has been a lot of layoffs and DC UNIVERSE is in trouble. It would be great if we get a season 4 but don’t hold your breath

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Greg Weisman was on DC FanDome today, talking about recording voices for Season 4 during Pandemic times. The truth is, it takes them a LONG time to make a full season. YJ Season 3 was announced in November of 2016, and we didn’t get to see an episode until January of 2019.

YJ4 is going to happen. Odds are it’ll end up somewhere else like HBO Max … but not for awhile.

Oh, and welcome to DCU!


Good news: Greg Weisman has confirmed the YJ S4 isn’t dead. The bad news is that there still isn’t a target release date. So it will be done when it’s done.