When will Wonder Woman: Dead Earth be added to DC Universe Infinite?

I thought new comics were added to the service six months after the print editions came out.

Wonder Woman: Dead Earth #4 came out on August 18, 2020… more than eight months ago.


As explained recently in Office Hours, certain Black Label titles have special considerations that can keep them off of DCUI for longer than the typical 6 months, or potentially off of DCUI indefinitely. For example, if the title is still selling well in retailers, then DC may make the decision to hold it off. Or if the creator has specified in their contracts a window that the title has to be sold for before it can be placed on a one-price library subscription service like DCUI, that may keep it off as well.


Aw, that’s a shame.

So, which category does Wonder Woman: Dead Earth fall into: the one where it makes it to DCUI eventually, or the one where it never does because of contracts?


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Personally im just kinda curious if its selling well