When will we see these titles?

I come here every Tuesday hoping to see these older titles. They aren’t here yet:

  • Warlord (seriously? Only 2 of them?)
  • Weird War
  • Star Spangled War Stories
  • Sgt. Rock
  • Unknown Soldier
  • Weird Worlds (the Barsoom stories)

Honestly, all the titles related to Edgar Rice Burroughs would be very welcome. Any chance we’ll ever see any of these?

I’m sure there coming just gotta be patient the service hasent been out that long

Probably no time soon. All older stuff like that, typically hasn’t been digitializd yet, if it isn’t already available on here.

I’m sure they have more pressing older comics to digitializd before they get to these.

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Also Edgar Rice Burroughs characters are not DC anymore

Joe Kubert Tarzan is available at Comixology but is not published by DC.