When is Stargirl Happening?

Is there any news on Stargirl? It was supposed to close off Year One of the DC Universe and we haven’t gotten any news since Casting. I think DCUNIVERSE original shows could use something NOT R rated to expand this app into something for the family. It’s regrettable that my kids cant watch Titans or the upcoming HQ show. Stargirl should be a change of pace, but is she coming?


We’ve gotten a lot of updates since casting, actually. In March, they announced that it had been pushed back to 2020. The first season wrapped filming about a month ago. Most of us think that the DCU folks are holding onto announcements (and maybe a trailer) until New York Comic Con in a few weeks.

This site has lots and lots of articles over the last few months:


Can’t wait!


P. S. - There’s a countdown clock on that website. I’d take it with a grain of salt, since there hasn’t been an officially announced premiere date yet.

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Expect NYCC because they’ve confirmed that they will talk about it (and a Harley Quinn TAS release date). Maybe a teaser?