When is “Round Robin 2022” round 4 voting starting?

We are picking between Constantine and Etrigan Vacation to Hell and Superboy Boy of Tomorrow are we not ?

Or are they publishing both books ?

Becacause I haven’t seen anything on round 4 voting !


Round 4 voting will take place towards the 2nd half of May. We’ll let you know when a specific date is nailed down!


OK thanks, I really just wanted to know if we were voting or not but thank you for giving me an idea of when I should keep an eye open to vote.


Also, Suicide Squad Dark won the other spot, not Constantine and Etrigan


WHAT ? Are you serious ? Well with my luck Super Boy will win it ! But Suicide Squad Dark is still a lot better than a lot of the other books. However I was one of the people that thought it would be nice if a book that wasn’t connected to Batman for Superman directly would win to show that DC Comics is more than just Batman and Superman but I guess, we’re not there just yet !

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I personally agree with you, but after reading the sneak peaks, I really do hope Superboy wins.

Maybe I’ll read the sneak peaks then, if it has a real good plot or some good supporting characters, it may even change my mind.
You know I do like the flash but I wasn’t that big into having another flash book, especially since he still has a TV series. Even though the flash book was supposed to be on Wally west, it wasn’t until it was under voted that someone had mentioned what the plot was. I found the plot interesting. Supposedly Parallax takes over the speed force. Which started making me think, that sounded good.

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