:renegade_robins: When I Grow Up :renegade_robins:

Hello all and welcome to this session of the Damian Wayne branch of the @RenegadeRobinsClub.

People have been asking for this one so I am delivering it to you now. That’s right folks this session will be featuring sons of the World’s Finest crew! Super Sons are in the house this month and boy to they have an adventure in store for them. So let’s get to it and see what the sons of Batman and Superman are getting up to.

If you are interested in in joining us at RENEGADE ROBINS just hit the link.

Issues to read

* Super Sons #1-4

Discussion Points

  • Why do you like Damian and Jon?

  • Do you feel that they have a good dynamic?

  • What was you favorite parts of these issues?

  • Who would you rather be friends with, Damian or Jon?

And that’s ball I’ve got for this month folks. Tune in next month when we return to see what adventures Damon’s Teen Titans get up into. See you all then.


I’m probably too much of a Damian already, so we don’t need two of me. :stuck_out_tongue: