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Hello all!

Welcome to the @JSABookClub and our second February session featuring everyone’s favorite: The All Star Squadron. When last we left them, members of the Squadron had been taken captive by Ultra who is looking to use Robotman as a transplant patient for her (or is it his) own mind. Enter Amazing Man and Doc Fate, who join with the remaining Squadron members to rescue their comrades. But is Amazing Man an ally and just what is up qith Doc Fate? Let’s find out folks but before we get to that we have the …


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Liberty Belle always hitting the nail on the head!

What to Read

All Star Squadron #23-26
Annual #2

And artist Jerry Ordway tries his hand at the original JSA meeting from the cover of All Star Comics # 3. What do you all think?


  1. What did you think of Amazing Man and his origin?

  2. Commander Steel is being really hard on himself in issue #23. Why do you think that is?

  3. Batman & Robin are on the scene. What did you think of there involvement here?

  4. The Justice Battalion (AKA The JSA) is in a bit of a pickle being unable to come to the aid of the All Star Squadron in their time of need. If you were in their situation would you have obeyed orders or would you go off to help your friends instead?

  5. What did you think of the fights on these issues?

And that’s all he wrote folks. We’ll meet and here next month when we return to the adventures of the JSA in ‘One World Under Gog’. See you all there.


I will try to get to it soon enough.

Hi @MatthewHecht!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


Halfway thorough. My main thought is- It is hard to keep track of everybody.

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  1. Way too much. With flashbacks like this I find it is best to keep them simple. It was like they had several possible backstories and just used all of them.

  2. I think he just wants to be normal with his wife instead of being legally dead. He really is very different from Nate.

  3. Nothing significant.

  4. They should just have a code red for that in dire situations like this. Otherwise both teams should just trust the other one to handle themselves. Without a code red I would go save them and then demand we immediately make a code red for the future.

  5. The big saving grace. The storyline had good fights and bad between fights.

I think it would be better if Obsidian slipped by calling Green Lantern dad. I think it fits his character better and makes Green Lantern not look like a nitwit unable to figure it out.

Atom has no consistent intelligence. One minute he is smart then he is dumb.

Brainwave Jr. was definitely my favorite character here.

I have said before that I am not a fan of the All-Star Squadron’s costumes. Seeing them with all these other heroes really drives that point home.


Yeah he was the highlight of this story for me. I thought he was thinking on his feet when he pulled a switch with his dad in order to get on the inside.


Shouldn’t next post be up now? Is there a simple delay?

Let me check with @Aurora on that and see if she was going to do one @MatthewHecht . If not we’ll just skip it for now I’ll post something on the 16th as normal.

A friend of mine had his young daughter get killed last week so I’ve been trying to give him and his family support the last two weeks while dealimg with my own grief. I was barely able to get a post for my other club done and posted on the 1st.

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sorry for the delay in posting, my daughter has been in the hospital. I will have something up by the end of the day.