When Does Batman/TMNT Animated Drop On Here?

I’m just wondering if we know when a new animated direct to digital/dvd movie will hit on here. I watched Death and Return of Superman and JL Fatal Five on here instead of buying digital, and don’t know if that’s just how it’ll always be on here. What’s the lag time, two weeks after the digital release?
And do we know for sure that Batman/TMNT will be on here since it’s not all WB/DC properties? Thanks.

We have no confirmation that Batman vs. TMNT will be on here.

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Hush, however, is coming the same day as its physical release

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Thanks. I may just pay for the digital Batman/TMNT instead of waiting to see then.

New movies from the DC Universe Original Movie line (which Batman vs. TMNT is not part of, but Batman: Hush is) debut on DCU the day of their physical media release.

There’s no set timeframe from their digital release. They debut here exactly on the day that the DVD/Blu-ray/4K Blu-ray versions come out.


The last couple, JL v F5 and Death of Superman released the same day they were available to rent via streaming through iTunes & Amazon.

Batman/TMNT, doubt that is coming anytime soon. I’d wager, Batman Hush will follow the JL v F5 and Death of Superman schedule

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