When did you stop watching the Arrowverse

I know that the CW shows do not have as much fans as they used to during the first couples of seasons. For all of you who have stopped watching them, when did you stop watching them and why?

It was right when DC Universe came out. I’m waiting for the app to bring the shows (not expecting them to be connected to the DC Universe shows, though it would be cool if they did transfer over, then they could have more freedom to do whatever they wanted like they did with Young Jusitce S3), then I’ll continue watching them all the way through.

I dropped Black Lightning this year.
I enjoyed season 1.
Season 2 had me losing interest. I can’t describe it better than it felt boring to me. Maybe it was too serious, too much attitude, too little moustasche-twirling. I don’t know. I just found myself picking up my phone more and more often during episodes to find something else to do. Season 3 started the same so I gave up.

I would also give up on Supergirl now if it wasn’t my favorite character. Here I am more clear on what went wrong in Season 5. It doesn’t feel like a Supergirl show anymore. Until the last episode of this season, Kara wasn’t the protagonist. She had no arc or character development, she was mostly used as someone who would enter a fight now and then (mostly to lose and for someone else to finish the fight). The writers have completely lost track of how powerful kryptonians are, adding to the feeling that they are missing the mark on telling a Supergirl story. Then on top of that, the new suit which too misses the mark, losing the bright colors of hope synonymous to Supergirl, in replacement for a dark dirtyblue Superman suit, that feels more at home on a paint shop garage worker. Add on top of that the terrible fight choreography which pretty much just entails Supergirl standing still until the villain launches an attack to take her down - gone is the long hours of DEO training. Supergirl is now a show for people content with pretending there is something going on between Kara and Lena and examining the outfits they are wearing. Maybe I’m to harsh, but that is what it feels like. I can’t believe anyone is buying the plot that Lena turned psycho because Kara took too long to tell her that she was Supergirl. No actress in the world can sell that, not even Katy.


I still watch all of them every week except black lightning I usually wait till it’s on Netflix. Might jump ship soon though now they want to do a superman show black canary spinoff and others, it’s way too much to keep up with now.

Legends and Flash are the only ones I ever watched regularly. I didn’t finish the last season of either of them.

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I wouldn’t hold your breath on that. We might get something here after the Netflix deal expires, but Netflix is still your best bet in the meantime. DCU definitely won’t get all the Arrowverse shows since Batwoman (and probably more) is going to HBO Max

I still watch all of them. Black Lightning can definitely drag though.


I watch all of them, but this season I’ve decided not to continue with Black Lightning. I liked the first season, but I noticed something in the second season that’s carried into the third: the pacing. There are times when this show is a chore to watch. There are times where almost nothing happens in an episode. And the character of Lynn can be frustrating.

Supergirl almost made the list, too. Last season really turned me off with all the heavy handed political and social stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind when they’re in these shows, but how they handled it last season, it was not subtle at all and the stories suffered. There are simply too many characters and storylines going on at once. Look at this season: we’ve had Alex and Kelly’s relationship, John and his brother, Nia and Brainy’s relationship drama, the divide between Lena and Kara, Lena’s AI program Hope taking over Eve’s body, Jimmy looking for his purpose, and the Leviathan storyline. There are episodes that feel more like vignettes than actual stories. I miss the days when the show was about the Danvers sisters with occasional DEO stuff. Nia and Brainy should have left at the end of last season and we did not need Eve back.

Arrow has been hit and miss. The biggest problem is the flash forwards with the kids. I thought we would be finished with them last season, but they’re back and now they’re in the main storyline. This is the last season of Arrow where we get to say goodbye to our favorite characters, but we have to eat up a lot of time and story with the kids despite the fact they’re getting their own spin off.

The Flash and Legends are fine in my book because they embrace the fun aspects of the comics. Sure, there’s dramatic scenes sprinkled in, but you can have fun watching them, too. Remember what I said about the large cast in Supergirl? These shows can handle the large casts and multiple stories.

Batwoman has really surprised me. I like what they’re doing. Kate isn’t a perfect hero and she acknowledges her mistakes. It’s interesting watching her embrace the bat-mantle. Also, I love what they’re doing with Alice. If Kate has a bad episode, you can always count on Alice to deliver.


Black Lightning is the only show I dropped, half way into season…2? Not sure, but it was when they introduced the forest folks (don’t remember what they called 'em). Show felt a tad too slow to me. I like the actors, especially the main character, but I didn’t find myself anticipating the next episode too much. May still give it another shot and binge what I missed. Everything else I have not dropped. Really like all the other shows.

@moro, yea, that forest folks episode was awful. Even though the show is an hour, there are times it feels like two. The pacing isn’t great.

I was never watching them as they came out. I watched two seasons of the Flash in pretty quick succession. Then I tried to catch up to everything else, but I just couldn’t make it through Season 4 of Arrow.

Personally, I never stopped watching-- and if your notion of a falling fandom comes from the Nielsen company, please stop. While “standing by their numbers…” they also admit that The CW falls through the cracks of their ratings system. And the resale value of the Arrowverse and other shows like Titans is through the roof-- that’s why so many people are always willing to come back. These shows will be seen as long as there is a platform to show them.


I still watch, but Supergirl season 4 was a chore to watch. The whole alien asylum issue going on seemed way to political, which I personally don’t mind, but it was done extremely poorly. Why wouldn’t people be weary of beings from other planets, especially since earth was just attacked ? What does earth know about any of them and if they have an agenda against earth ? An alien illegally became President ? (even though I would definitely vote for Lynda Carter ! ) . I surprised anyone was for the alien asylum act. I kind of felt like the bigot in that I do not see that I would have supported it given the circumstances. I also feel the whole thing overshadowed Nia, which I felt was a great addition. Nia and Lex Luthor were the lone bright spots in the season.

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I stopped following Arrow regularly after Season 4.
Flash I stopped regularly after Season 3.
Supergirl and Batwoman have been on and off.
Black Lighting never really caught on with me. I tried with the first season never held my interest.

The only one I really watch regularly is Legends of Tomorrow.

I do watch the crossover specials out of the ones aired thus far as a whole I liked Elseworlds the best, with Crisis on Earth X being a close second. I am expecting Crisis on Infinite Earths though to take the top spot.

I dropped Arrow when they killed Sara, haven’t watched a episode since. Legends lost me with the giant BeBo finale. Never got into Black Lighting, tried a few episodes, just wasn’t for me. I don’t watch Supergirl, and the less said about that the better. The Flash was my favorite show, but lately it takes me a couple of days to finish an episode. I’m probably done with The Flash too, just don’t want to admit it just yet.

Flash Season 3/Arrow season 4 is where I bowed out. Never gave Supergirl a proper chance, and Legends seems like little more than a novelty act after the 1st season. Black Lightning’s 1st season was okay. Haven’t watched Batwoman.

Just watched the 1st episode of Crisis, was a little disoriented but comic knowledge helped to tip the scales a little bit. I enjoyed what I saw of the CW take on Brainiac 5, may give Supergirl a proper chance if this crossover delivers.

I stopped watching Arrow after the crossover last year. But I still watch everything else.

I watched Arrow up until the first season’s initial hiatus and then stopped. I’m not really a big fan of Green Arrow to begin with, and the show failed to catch my interest. Later, when I saw that the first season was on Netflix, I gave it another shot and rewatched the season from the beginning to the end, and was unimpressed. When season 2 came on Netflix, I decided to give a third chance. I regretted doing so. Season 2 was abysmal. I had trouble finishing some of the episodes, they were so bad. After that, I felt like I’d given it enough chances.
I watched the first season of Flash. It had moments, but I just didn’t care enough to pay attention to it any further.
The first season of Supergirl was okay, but it went downhill fast after that. Season 2 had some interesting things. I liked Lena, and I thought they handled M’gann pretty well, much better than Young Justice. It’s descended into unwatchability, however.

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I dropped Arrow around season 5-6.
I still watch Flash.
I stopped Supergirl after 1 season, the constant in-your-face stuff bothered me.
I love Legends.
Batwoman is Ok.

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I haven’t watched seasons 4 and 5 of Legends. I love Sarah but the story and rest of the cast is so…bleh.