When Did Red Hood Start Wearing the Bat Symbol?

I’ve recently been on a Red Hood tear and I was wondering when Red Hood makes the choice to wear the red bat symbol that is on most of his modern incarnations. Obviously, he’s not wearing it in Under the Hood, Hush, or Battle for the Cowl–but every other appearance I’ve seen so far, he’s more or less “made peace” with Batman and has a bat symbol somewhere on his gear. Batman/Superman Vol 2, Red Hood and the Outlaws (New 52), Three Jokers, Future State, Robin’s solo series (Damian), various Rebirth appearances.

At this point I’m a few issues into the RH&TO Rebirth but it starts with him already on ok terms with Batman and wearing the Bat. My guess is that it’s going to be here in a flashback somewhere. Or is it just “one of those things” that never really gets a good explanation?


It was added to his costume in New 52. In the previous canon Jason was a villain, and DC purposely made him commit actions against the Batfam that would be considered unforgivable. When New 52 launched, what was previous canon was a blur, so Under the Red Hood happened, although the details are left out in order to make it the fan’s interpretation based on how this new version of Jason was. They made him to where he was angry at first, but was learning to let go and forgive.

This new version of Jason was a member and mostly accepted by the Batfamily for the most part, and was trying to go down a somewhat less brutal path, so he became a vigilante for hire.


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Ah. Yeah I really wanted to see how Bruce and Jason were able to patch things up after everything that went down pre New 52–I guess it never really happened.

I suspected something was up when in RH&TO Rebirth Hood seems to meet Black Mask for the first time. No way they’d want anything to do with each other after the original continuity.

Would I be correct in assuming what Jason and Talia had between them was also erased? That got real weird…

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According to the rules DC set in place at the time, whatever you really really really liked was still considered canon, just compressed into 5 years, but if you didn’t like something, consider it gone. I think this is what happened to red headed Jason Todd too.

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