when did Catwoman leave batman at the altar?

So I own Batman #50 and Catwoman #1 and i’ve read them both 3 times trying to see where batman left Catwoman at the altar and I can’t find it. It’s obviously a big point for batman and a partial catalyst for the upcoming bat family comics. Can someone tell me where that pannel or page is?

They were never at a literal alter. They were supposed to be wed on the rooftops. Bruce was waiting and Selina never showed. Selina is the one that left Bruce at the “alter”. It’s all in Batman 50.


Matches_Malone is correct

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The OP used the correct form of altar

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OHHHHH! Thanks Y’all!

Batman 50 was a big let down. Way to remind us all.

And Catwomans new series, aside from the cool art, has been pretty meh.

@whymannywhy he did, indeed. Way to call me out!!! :blush: