When are we gonna get another Aquaman Trailer?

I really feel like its been ages since the last trailer. Are you guys still promoting the film?

I know it does not necessarily have anything to do with the streaming service.

It wouldn’t surprise me if one isn’t released this month or even this weekend during NYCC but WB only seems to do an advertising blitz when it’s not confident in a DC film the more low key the better.

But almost all big CBMs have at least 3 trailers(including all the Marvel movies). Aquaman only has 1 trailer so far and it’s coming out in December. And also it is up against soooo much competition on its release date. I hope we get at least one more trailer. I am unusually excited about this film. Aquaman is not even my favorite superhero (Batman is) But still, I just think this one is gonna be a fresh superhero flick in terms of setting etc.

I think there’s already been 2 and we are 2+ months out. Plenty of time. I see a lot of movies I’ve seen the trailer in theaters multiple times already. I’d guess another I late November to early December

There’s only been one.

Probably this month or next month.

well if according to wan, it’s coming tomorrow

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That would be fantastic! obviously, he would know!