When are we going to get all the movies

I would like to know when DCU is going to give us all the DC movies ?


Unfortunately, movies are heavily tied into licensing agreements with a variety of distribution channels. We’ll see them rotate in and out for quite a while (we’ve had most of the major movies for at least a month or two at one point or another), but I wouldn’t expect anything to be here permanently for several years.

Our TV selection does seem much stabler, and the comic selection is excellent if you’re interested in giving that a shot, but movies are admittedly and sadly just not one of this service’s strong points.


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When.HBO MAX.is available in May All recent DC live action movies will be there.

Whether DC Universe will get a share is unknown.

We have a better shot at getting more animated movies though they may be at both services.


Thank you … Whats a good place to start im giving DC a try and im new to it

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Where is a good place to start reading ? Im new to DC

True it sucks though

If you don’t know much about DC

Watch Secret Origins Siory of DC Comics. it covers DC Comics up to the the big three British Authors Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore and Grant Morrison

It only takes an hour and a half and gives you a solid background in the History of DC Comics

Then it depends on whether you want to watch animation.or comic books

Tv Animation
Batman.The Animated Series

in Comic Books
Do you have a favorite character?

Go to Comic Books
Get To Know
Sort Alphabetically

There are start Reading Guides

Dick Grayson Robin.then Nightwing
The Flash
The Teen Titans
Wonder Woman

Storylines in Browse can also be sorted
that makes it easier to find great Batman storylines among other characters.

For comics I suggest

For Batman.
Detective Comics 2016

Superman Lois and Clark

Aquaman 2011

Wonder.Woman 2016 Year One isdues 2 4 6 8 10 12

After you know more

My short list of best DC stories is found at

My Super Hero Genre History lists significant DC Titles and issues
It is by year
Look.at each post for starting year to
Find issue or titles that might interest you
After Crisis on Infinite Earth is year 1986


Are there any characters in particular you like? If so, I can see if I can give a few recommendations to get you started.


Im a marvel guy but i wanted a change so i got DCU so i only know about what iv seen in the movies

Start watching some documentaries on here. The story of dc comics, the amazing story of Superman and spotlight-shazam.
You could even watch the dc university on here and try to find some character’s that you might like.

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Well, I was thinking, for example, if you think Batman is cool, you might watch some of Batman: The Animated Series or read Batman: Year One, Batman: The Long Halloween, or Batman: Hush, but if you’re interested in learning about another character there’s other stuff I can recommend.


Hmm… I really like Batman so that’s what you’ll get.

animated movies: I recommend Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (for a classic Batman '89 feel), Batman: Under the Hood (For an Arkham video game series feel), and Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman (Learn more about characters from the Arrowverse (not the same feel though)).

Comics: Detective Comics (2016), Batman and Robin Eternal, Batman: No Man’s Land (hence the “NML” in my username). NML is an event spread across multiple titles/series so tracking it can be hard but it’s my favorite.

Series: Batman the animated series. It’s perfect. 'nuff said. Also The Batman (early 2000s feel) and Batman Beyond (this is different than what you might expect but great for beginners! It is set in the future and therefore doesn’t expect any knowledge of characters other than “Bruce Wayne is Batman. He has a cave.”)

Note: I don’t recommend starting with the documentaries. They are great but I find that it’s best to just jump into something that looks interesting and be prepared to stop reading/watching half-way through because you hate it. Odds are, if it looks good it is good. You’ll get an idea what you like and what you don’t quickly.

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@OOBinc welcome to the community! Is there a particular character you’re interested in checking out? I’m sure that’ll help narrow down some comics, shows and movie recommendations.


I know about all the people in the movies i have started reading crisis on infinite earth i think its called


Good choice! It’s showing its age a little, but it’s one of my favorites. Lots of characters in it, so it’s easy to pick one that looks interesting and look up what else they were in.

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@OOBinc great choice!

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Maybe check out some year one’s. Green arrow year one is great (in my opinion).

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