When are we getting a Kingdom Come Animated movie?

I know this is on everyone’s wish list and I know it’s been talked about…I heard the problem is they like the movies to be similar in art styles to the comics…Animated Paintings? Possibily could be done on a Computer…How about a decent motion comic?.. I could see this as an epic 4 parter adapting every issue individually done as best as possible painted animation done with the classic Justice League voice cast and please don’t adapt it to the New 52 lol

They could utilise the technology used in Loving Vincent

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I honestly think a really good motion comic would be best like the really good ultimate hulk vs ultimate wolverine

I would do it in CG, that way it would bring out the dynamic lighting and stay with the original designs of each of the characters, not only that, they could easily bring out the uniqueness of each of the characters powers, equipment and abilities.

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Would honestly prefer they do it live action, but I know that would be too much money for a one-off film.