When are new movies coming?

There are so many great DC animated and live action movies that still are not on here, are they coming?

they can be but also as well have to remember liscense agreement that some companies have/control over so maybe after thoes agreements are over than yes they should be coming to the app its a matter of when and not if like example of WB has the liscense for aquaman for 2 years and its up DC can buy it and just put it on the app

Licensing and streaming content is tricky. DC Universe streaming is so new that many contracts are still withstanding… WB shows likely will not be available for a long time. DC Universe movies I am surprised are not being included yet to enhance streaming content. Most of the are on non-exclusive contracts with the HBO/Showtimes of the world. I would like to see more of these available…

Also when will we see projections on release dates for DCU Streaming content?

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Hey @Goldenjet14! Both @Mikethecoptic and @theGr8Katie are correct that licensing does play into what content we have on the site. We’re in the process of adjusting content available, so if you have any specific requests, please let us know and we’ll be sure to bring them up to the team. Thanks so much, guys! :slight_smile:

I have said it before but since you said specific request… any chance of Jonah Hex the movie being on here. I know it apparently is not great but I have never seen it, was interested, and I got curious and did a quick search of DC live action films and this was about the only one I found not owned by someone besides Warner/DC that doesn’t seem to be streaming anywhere. So thinking… maybe it has a good chance of coming on here soon?

My special request is “Aquaman,” hopefully the app gets off on the right foot and gets the newest and most successful DCEU movie when it comes to Digital/DVD this Spring