What's you're weapon of choice?

What’s you’re favorite character weapon throughout the multiverse? It can be vast. Like Aquamans tridentof neptune, any lantern ring, vixens tantu totem, blue beetles scarab, stargirls cosmic staff, lasso of truth, spear of destiny, orions astro harness, claw of horus, etc. It doesn’t have to be overpowered either, you can pick something simple like batmans belt or harleys mallet, i just wanna know you’re style. For my top three (cause i cant pick one) I’d go with the helmet of nabu, mobius chair and deathstrokes god killer sword.


He’s not DC, but The Tick’s Spoon.

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Oh yeah, Moebius Chair! Omniscient sitting, that’s my style.

I had an epiphany yesterday that power rings basically just give their bearers green telekinesis.

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My very own Kara, she would be my weapon, my love, my everything…


Kara could be a weapon lol that’ll work

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My top 3 would have to be

  1. A green lantern ring (any color would work idk what I would deserve tbh)
  2. Like others have said helmet of Nabu thing is overpowered
  3. tie between the war world (young justice version) and some good old kryptonite

I’ll have to divide them into catagories.

Regular - Nightwing’s Sscrima Sticks

Sci-fi - The original Atom’s Belt

Magic - The Ace of Winchesters (yes, Supernatural totally stole the idea)

Alien - Does Hawkman’s Nth Metal mace count?




Didn’t Darkseid like brainwash and enslave Kara?

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The Cosmic Staff.

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Definitely a Green Lantern ring.

If we use a broad definition of “weapon,” then I change my answer to Batman’s strategic mind and detective skills.

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@coldsmoke of course nth metal counts!

@batJ i can work with that, very creative.

That’s just cruel lol