What's your new release Pick of the Week this week?

What new release (single issue, trade or what have you) are you looking forward to the most this week?

Mine is The Batman Who Laughs #1.


Forgot about Superman #6. That’s tied with TBWL #1.

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I am not sure of all the books that are coming out this week But I will go with Batman Damned book 2

Goddess Mode from Vertigo has piqued interest, and since Bruce and Selina may never tie the knot, over at team red Ben and Alicia’s FF wedding special this week

Batman who laughs#1 and Batman Damned#2 are tops on my list this week.

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Justice league dark#6, Batman damned #2 and flash #60

Like Manifest, I’m also interested in Goddess Mode

Batman damned #2
Batman who laughs #1 (puchased the tyler kirkham variant as well)
Batman annual #3
Detective comics #994
Goddess mode #1
Justice league dark #6
Superman #6

And thats just dc. Others this week are
Spawn kills everyone too #1
Mr. Mrs. X #6
Spidergwen #3
Darth maul #1
And maybe hellboy winter special, havnt decided on that yet

I’m going with Titans #31. TBWL close 2nd.

Both good reads djd. I dug 'em.

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Batman Annual 3 Titans 31

Good to hear Vroom I trust your judgment.

Batman who laughs!!! Metal was one of the only comics my spouse actually liked for a while, so anything Metal related is kind of our thing :3 He especially likes the Batman who laughs, so it’s a great opportunity for me to share something I love with him